Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Old Time Preaching

Benjamin (Prince's younger brother) gave us the message he prepared for us on Wednesday. He did a great job. He taught about "The Field Of Harvest" and the requirements to be in the field of harvest. Mt 9:38 KJV 
The first requirement is:
1. Salvation - you must be born again to work in the field of harvest.
2.Willing Spirit - you must have a willing Spirit. No one is going to force you, but you must be willing.
3. The Bible - farmers use a tool to harvest, we use the Bible to witness
If you love God, you will do what he wants - Go into the harvest.


Bro. Koasi our other great preacher. On Sunday  he preached about: "Are You Dressed For the Wedding?" Do you have on the wedding garment? Mt 22:1-14 KJV
1. The Availability of the garment - is to all who will receive it.
2. Acceptance of the garment - by faith, free, the garment was freely given, you don't have work or purchase it.
3. Ability of the garment - the garment will change your appearance, the righteousness of God
4. Absence of the garment - shame, speechless, no excuse, the man who didn't receive the garment was cast into outer darkness. The garment was freely given, but he didn't receive it. Mt 22:12-13


Want to hear some great preaching? Come to Ghana. I am blessed to be able to get to hear these men of God.

The boys on Saturday visitation

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