Monday, October 7, 2013

Kojokrom Bible Study

Welcome to another week here at "Jackie's Journal" Our blogs are featured on "The Independent Baptist Missionary Blog Spot" this week. You can check out this site by visiting: "A pair of Bloggers in Ghana, West Africa" ~ Garry Wesner

On Tuesdays my husband and our older children have been going to Kojokrom to have a Bible study. Please visit my husbands blog: Matthew Siekbert for that information. I joined him last Tuesday. He was wanting to go a few weeks before me and our youngest son joined him. We had 15 in attendance. Now there are 6 of us and we pick up Peter and Robert two teenagers from church to help us. We did have three new visitors. Here are some pictures of the Bible study in Kojokrom.

Passing some kids on the way

Doing Sword Drills

Emanuella and Nicolina

Matthew and Ebenezer

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