Monday, September 23, 2013

See Them "Live"

Mack's dad turned 75 years old on September 19th. We got to "Face Time" him and sing "Happy Birthday" to him on Sunday. We were lucky if we got to send an e-mail 10 years ago. Now we can see them "live." Enjoyed being able to see some of the family and say hello.

Prince preached another great sermon, "He Is Able" He is able; to save, to keep, to succour, to deliver, to do, to give and to subdue. I love our Pastor's! (my husband, Bro.Prince and Bro. Koasi)

Here are some others who have a great blog post this week!!

I had to add this picture! Prince is wanting to get serious picture of himself. Joseph jumped in front of camera just as I snapped the photo. Makes me laugh...

Until next time!

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