Monday, March 11, 2013

Now What?

Naomi passed out all our John and Romans before we got done with our first street. I looked at her and said, "Now What?" So we continued down the street and I had some tracks in my purse, so I handed those out to some people. As we where walking, I saw a boy sewing his trousers. I passed him up, he gave me one of nicest smiles. I told Nehemiah to go back and give that boy a track. As Nehemiah was going, James was also there, I told James to tell him where our church is in Fante. The boy got of of his seat at walked over to James. I then walked to where they were. I starting talking to him and found out his name is Richmond. He goes to the Apostolic Church. I asked him if his church teaches him the way to heaven. He hesitated and then said, they teach me many verses. I said, good, but verses won't get you to heaven. He said, he would come to church tomorrow. He again asked James where our church was. I said, we are  headed there come and we will show you. He followed us to the church. Once we got to the church, I gave him a John and Romans and a New Testament. I began to talk to Richmond, he was convinced he was good enough to get to heaven. I couldn't get him lost, so he could be found. Finally, I said, if I give you a ticket to ride the STC, (the public bus transportation) you can get on the bus. I said, but if you don't have a ticket and stand in line and tell the person collecting the tickets, that you are good enough to ride, they will look at you and say, I'm sorry, you cannot ride unless you have a ticket, no matter how good you are. I also used that illustration in regard to heaven, having Jesus Christ (the ticket) to go to heaven. Then it clicked! He was not good enough to ride the bus, he was not good enough to enter heaven. At that moment Prince came around the corner. Prince continued talking to him, in Fante, Richmond asked Christ to be his Saviour. I asked him if he had the ticket to heaven, he said, Yes! On Sunday, church began and I didn't see Richmond, I thought surely he would come. About a half hour later, I saw Richmond walking down the street, he even came back Sunday evening. Richmond is 13 years old. 

Peter (left) Richmond (right)
Naomi got to lead Emmanuella to the Lord, after Jr. Church. There have been several salvation's this week. Peter and Nicholas have also been coming on visitation the last few weeks. 

Peter, Emmanuella and Ebenezer

Naomi praying with the girls
Some Praying
Some Sleeping

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