Monday, March 25, 2013

Joy Of Reading

I don't really know what to say this week? I wanted some great story. I thought I had one, but it didn't happen. About a head of cabbage? Hopefully, I can still write about it later????? We had ladies fellowship this Saturday. Our numbers where down, so that means the few girls had all the cake to themselves. I talked about the "Titanic" and how the ship sank. I explained to them the history of the ship etc. We either have made it to the life boats or we are on the sinking ship. Maybe we are on the life boats, but are not heeding the warnings of danger ahead. Have we told our loved ones and friends who are on the sinking ship about our Saviour? I managed to get a piece of cake for Prince, Koasi and Mack. The men and boys went out on visitation, while we had our meeting.

My kids are doing really well on reading books. Joseph and Naomi have discovered the joy of reading. Matthew reads when he has to. Even Nehemiah got his $ for reading his books! I have never been a reader myself. Since coming to the field, I have read more than ever. Once I got introduced to Kindle. I am hooked. I love it! There are so many free ebooks!

The 30th of March is our 17th wedding anniversary. Time flies! We plan on dying Easter eggs and making some cookies to decorate on Friday. Happy Easter!

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