Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Do You Want To Cause Trouble?

I taught the last two weeks at the Deaf School, before they left for break for the ending of the school year.  I have the little kids K-5 thru Class 3. I am learning and putting my signs to use. I guess you have to start somewhere. Yikes. I wish I could explain in detail the lesson. I introduce the lesson and the individuals of the story and the basic lesson, then my interpreter, Joyce (a deaf student) goes more into the details of the lesson. Joyce is one of the students I was placed with when first learning sign. It’s neat that she is the one helping me. Prince and Koasi have the two other classes right now. The schools here in Ghana will finish the school year by the end of July. They will be on break until September. Once they resume we will then break up the oldest class into two classes and Prince will have one and Mack with have the other half. Joseph will then help in Koasi’s class. 

I was not quite ready to begin school, but we began on August 5th. Joseph is in 11th grade and Nehemiah is in 8th grade. We are currently doing our last VBS for this year. It is at CBBC in Sekondi. School means things get busy for us. Break over, back to work. I’m not sure it was really a break, moving across the sea. It was a hard couple of months. 

We spent our July 4th, with another missionary family. We had a nice time, even shot off a few fireworks. Our new puppy “Duke” and our old man, “Ringo,” are becoming friends. It has been good for “Ringo” to be moving and annoyed with the new puppy. He has been on vacation for far too long, he must get back to work and show this puppy how to be a guard dog. We have another addition to our dog family, Duchess, we got her about a month later than Duke. 

July 18th is Linda’s birthday. I was asking Prince, “When is Linda’s birthday?” I knew it was coming. He said, “Do you want to cause trouble?” He then said, “I don’t know.” Hahaha I said, “It’s coming, you better find out.” I was laughing. I was just trying to help him out. I am so thankful for Prince and Linda and their testimony. People are watching. They know our church is different and their lives show it. To hear Prince and Koasi now, years later, saying where would they be without this church? It has been a long journey to get where they are, even scary at times. To see them now, and to listen to them talk and realize where God has brought them. Time will tell the impact of these two preachers. The journey is not over, it will continue to have its bumps along the way, we must stay close to God and hold tight to his hand. Life gets messy at times and He is my help. 

Linda & Matthew

Koasi & Prince

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