Wednesday, January 6, 2016


2016!! Here is a picture of the baptism we had at the end of November. Ebenezer and sister Nicolina with their parents and Pastors. 

We had 2 weeks off of school and some ministry. With West Ridge and Sekondi Deaf schools being closed and no Bible Classes at the church it makes it that much harder to get back into the swing of things. Prince and Linda had us over before Christmas. They pounded fufu and we watched a movie and had fellowship with them. It was very nice.

Helping Linda peel Cassava and plantain

Pounding the plantain

Mixing the two: Cassava and Plantain

Finished! Served with chicken and Light Soup


January 3rd our son Joseph turned 14. I can't believe they are getting so old. It is sad to think after this term our oldest two we leave us and head off to college. I am ready at the moment, but I am SO not ready either. Yikes! I am trying to just get my focus on today and enjoy today. Tomorrow will come. That has been our kids focus too. In 2 years we leave for college. My question is what are you doing today? Don't waste these two years thinking of them. Do something for God in these two years.  Please pray for them and us. It will be a transition, like another culture shock.

He is a little wet. They got him!

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