Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ghana Fever

I want sunshine, warm temperatures and no snow. It does look pretty, but after the snow falls, I want it to be gone.

Prince text Mack on Sunday afternoon, but I was the one who text back. He just had gotten home from the evening church service. Ghana and Ivory Coast was playing in the African Cup Final. (AKA=Soccer) The time he text the game was almost over and no one had scored 0-0. So they got down to the penalty kicks. He was texting play by play. I was holding my breath at each text. The score ended at Ivory Coast 9, Ghana 8. So close. Ghana's electricity has been on load shedding since we left. It was 24 hours on and 12 off. Now it has gone to 12 on and 24 off. They said it will get worse. Not happy about that. Prince was joking because of the game they of course had electricity. He said, if Ghana wins we will probably have lights the rest of the evening. Well, Ghana lost. Meanwhile we had said good bye because it was time for us to get ready for evening church. Right before we pulled into the church he text, "LIGHTS OUT". So Ghana again was in darkness.

I think I have Ghana Fever due to all this snow. I can't wait to get back and get warm. I miss the everyday things and the warm weather. I miss our church people and did I say the weather? We still have plenty to do here, but I am ready to get home. Time is going fast. In a few months I will be saying, I'm not ready, we need more time. You know how it goes.

Whether I like it or not my kids are growing up. Naomi and Matthew took their driving class and Matthew will go for his temporary in March. I thought this was funny but my kids scored the highest on the written test for this year. We are only in February, but still proud of them. I am thankful for their testimony and being able to talk to the teacher about what they do in Africa. The kids in the class where shocked that they live in Africa. I went to High School with the kids of the teacher that was teaching the class. He just lives down the road. Small world.

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