Friday, January 2, 2015

Thieves And Salvation

We start out the New Year 2015 with Joseph's birthday. He is 13 years old. Yes, I have 3 teenagers in the house now. Yikes!

This holiday season was rather weird. In Ghana we have our family traditions we do every year and we think of how people back in the States are enjoying the snow and Christmas shopping. This year we were among those in the states, but it wasn't the same. I felt out of place. This is not what we usually do. Oh, I enjoyed being with family and all the good food, but lets just say I wasn't in the Christmas spirit (so they say).  It came and went and now we are into the new year. I have to say the best part of this Christmas was hearing our children's salvation testimonies on Christmas morning:

Christmas Day we woke up and Matthew read the Christmas story in Luke chapter 2 and gave the devotion. We then went around and everyone gave their salvation testimony. With tears in all of our eyes as we reflected on how Christ gave us salvation and we excepted it. The story of the thieves brought salvation to my 2 youngest boys. In Ghana on Sunday, August 19, 2007, while we were at church thieves broke into our home. We were devastated, not so much with the material items that were lost but the invasion of our personal space. The one place of comfort and safety and solitude. As we were looking at the damage done in our home and seeing the place they broke in,  Joseph got afraid. What if they hurt or killed us? Joseph needed to trust Christ as his Savior. He knew if that happened he would not go to heaven. That night among the men repairing the thieves entry way, he trusted Christ. Many years later, Nehemiah heard of the story of the thieves breaking into our home and he also got afraid. He told Joseph, while letting my husband in the car gate, I am going to get saved. I remember my husband and I praying with him as he asked Christ into his heart, that was December 4, 2012. I did not know it was because he heard the story about the thieves until this Christmas. So I thank the thieves for helping my children receive Christ. The thieves walked away with a computer but my kids walked away with an eternal life.

Nehemiah following in Believers Baptism this year. (last year) ha ha

I am still not in the spirit of things. The other day in Amish country we saw a clothes line that was really big and it made me miss Ghana and the simple things of hanging my clothes on the line not to mention the warmer weather...I think I just miss home!

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