Monday, June 2, 2014

They Did Dry...Eventually

We had a great week of VBS at Cornerstone. It rained a couple of days but kids still came. Naomi was feeling poorly earlier in the week, she had all the symptoms of malaria so we started the medication and I stayed home with her on Thursday, by Friday afternoon she wanted to get back to VBS. I am so glad she was feeling better. On Saturday we had a day of rest from VBS at our house. Although it was not much of a rest. I am thankful for all the girls who helped cook and clean up.

Our vehicle has been at the mechanics since Wednesday. Taking taxi is fine, but expensive to go and come for the week. Also the "back breakers" are going to do me in. (The Potholes) more like moon craters. The roads are terrible. It seemed the taxi's took the worst roads. My back is paying the price. The electric seems to be better this week, I shouldn't speak to soon. It makes it hard to get things done when the electric is out. I washed all the kids clothes by hand last week because it was piling up and I knew we would be busy with VBS and of course it rained. I couldn't dry them. ugh! Clothes were drying everywhere in my house. You try to get ahead, some days it just doesn't work out. I am still glad I did it, they did dry...eventually.

For a 7 year old, Nehemiah has been beating everyone at Monopoly. He is a smart one. As soon as he gets property he puts hotels up right away and wipes us out. Naomi has won once and I am usually the first to go out. I don't mind, while they are busy I can get something done. It's my strategy, shh. Mack says it's because I'm a loser, well that too, but not a sore loser.

We will be leaving for furlough in two weeks. Please send any mail to our home church address and our email will be the same:

Chippewa Lake Baptist Church
5326 Chippewa Road
Medina OH 44256

We look forward to seeing many of you!!!!

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