Thursday, June 19, 2014

America vs Ghana

By Saturday afternoon we got a little serious about packing our suitcases. You know all those last minute items you really can't pack. We had a baptism after church on Sunday and Naomi and Matthew put a little slide show together of the last couple of years for the church.

Prince went with us to the airport and got us on our way. America vs Ghana, played in the World Cup on Monday evening. We watched America score the first goal at the airport and the very few Americans cheered. The Ghanaians were bummed, then we loaded the plane. The kids where wearing their Ghana shirts. Prince told us on the way to the airport that America has been practicing for 6 months for this game. Their goal was to beat Ghana. America lost the last two games against Ghana in previous games of The World Cup. Matthew has emailed Kendall rubbing it in that America has won!!! Either way we where winners, we were for Ghana and of course for America.

I am proud of my family. Traveling overseas can be very stressful. Going through the Accra Airport, can be frustrating in itself, but we just laughed with everyone and talked to them about the World Cup and we probably where the only ones smiling in that place. One instance was going through customs the man was taking our passports and checking all of us, one security guard told us to "step back," because we where blocking the way. A few minutes later another man comes by and says, "oh, move forward so he can do your paper work." A few more minutes the first guy comes back and says "move back." Finally Mack said, "no, they are staying right here." We have been in Ghana to long, we just go with the flow. They all want to be Chief, not Indians. Our flights went really well and we made it back to Ohio. My mom and sister where waiting for us, then a few minutes later in pops Mack's mom and niece and sister. We weren't expecting them. Mack's brother/Pastor brought the church van and got us loaded up. I want to thank all those who prayed for us. I know our home church especially did. Thank You!

We are still in limbo. We are foreigners in our own country. We haven't used our bank cards in so long they have to send us new cards, so how do we get money? What did we do in the olden days? The kids leave for camp with our church on Saturday and we have no vehicle. We do have a nice bed to sleep in and WARM water. Everything is so cold here. I wash my hands with cold water, everything I touch is so cold. In Ghana the water is lukewarm the fruit from the tree is warm not COLD. We are wearing jackets and everyone just looks at us. It is nice outside but everywhere you go they have the air-conditioning on. We miss Ghana. It is funny to hear our kids say things, they always say. I keep saying, "We are not in Ghana anymore." On the way home from the airport. Joseph says, "Obruni" (White Man) to a passing car. My kids have been emailing those in Ghana. They are a part of our lives and it is hard to be away.

I hope to have some pictures for you next week. Here is a link to the World Cup: World Cup 2014 Ghana vs America


  1. Oh, Jackie! It is so hard feeling like a stranger in a strange land! Praying that the kids have a great time at camp and that the weather gets really HOT for you :) I remember feeling frozen for about the first two months we were back last time. Praying, too, that you get all those details taken care of so you can find your new normal :)

  2. Welcome back to the states! Glad you arrived safely -- praying for y'all -- what will you be doing while you are here? If you get to Georgia, please let us know!


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