Friday, December 20, 2013

God Is My Help

Psalms 121
1. God is my help
2. God is my keeper
3. God is my preserver
~Pastor Prince~

I had to laugh as I was lost in the Takoradi, market circle. Well I was not lost, I knew where I was but rather I had lost my husband and son. As I looked out across the mass of people shopping on the crowded streets, I felt like "Where's Waldo?" Surely it can't be hard to spot two white people in all of this. They were looking for dress shoes for my oldest son. As I stood there I thought do I go back to where they might be or continue forward to where they might be? I did what was best, prayed. I continued going forward and went to the other place where they sell shoes. Two white people, I found them. I thanked the Lord! When Prince preached this message on Sunday, I just smiled, because the Lord is my help.

My son Joesph preached on Wednesday evening. He looked so handsome and did a great job. My little Joe. He preached on  Acts 26 really the whole chapter bringing out key verses. His title was "Why We Should Share Our Salvation Testimony With Others" One thing he said was "If you have God you can do anything" Lk 1:37 and his key verse was Acts 26:22 "Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come."

My 3 handsome sons: Nehemiah, Joseph and Matthew

Pastor Prince is translating in Fante at our Bible study in Kojokrom. Cecilia in the red checkered school uniform (on the right)  is from our church. We found out she goes to school with Emmanuella. She came home with Emmanuella after school to the Bible study in Kojokrom. Cecelia lives near Prince and his family she also helps Naomi in Jr. church. 

Emmanuella is the closest one to you on the left side, white dress. Prince was able to lead her to the Lord on Tuesday night at our Bible study in Kojokrom.

We have a lot going on next week. We will be giving out "Blessing Baskets" on Monday evening, Wednesday evening we will have a church service and a church outing for our "Christmas Gathering" on Friday.

We want to Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas from: Mack, Jackie, Naomi, Matthew Jr., Joseph and Nehemiah Siekbert!!!!


  1. Hello! Greetings from OH! Merry Christmas to you, too!! May you have a blessed holiday season!
    Lauren D.
    Lighthouse Baptist Church

  2. Merry Christmas to you too Lauren!! I hope you are enjoying your time home with the family. It is really hot here in Ghana, so enjoy the colder weather...sweating, drip, drip...ha ha


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