Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Many Questions

Last Sunday we baptized in the ocean, Phillip and Peterson. It was a hot day that Sunday and many where out playing in the water as we baptized. We always enjoy the walk to the sea side. As we were walking you could hear people saying that we are from the Baptist church.

Phillip, Pastor Prince and Peterson
Pastor Siekbert, Peterson, Pastor Prince, Phillip and Pastor Koasi

On Wednesday before church starts we go out on visitation. It was on our way back to the church a few girls stopped us and asked us for a book. We pass out John and Romans.We began talking with Edith who goes to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, she had many questions, and we were late for church.
After Saturday visitation we where sitting at the fish roundabout watching the boys play soccer. Once the boys are done playing soccer Benjamin tells them about our church and invites them to come. Many boys have come as a result of this outreach. As we were sitting there Edith was coming from the SDA church and greeted us. I asked her if she would come to church tomorrow, she said she would. She wanted Naomi to meet her mother, so Naomi went with her. Edith said she could not come Sunday morning because she sells in the morning (due to her church being on Sat.) but Sunday evening she would come. Sure enough she came. My husband and Prince spent a good 45 min. after church with her giving her answers to her questions from the Bible. Pray for Edith that she will visit us again and the Lord will open her eyes to the truth. 

Matthew and Kendall finding shade under a tree
Time to be serious 

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