Monday, November 11, 2013

10 Years of Blessings

November 12th marks our 10th year in Ghana. 10 Years of blessings. I don't know where to begin as I think of how the Lord has blessed our family. 

So I will just give 10 blessings, though there are so many more.

1. The salvation of each of our children, and to watch them grow in the Lord. Acts 16:31
2. The Lord has kept our family safe and healthy. With malaria, yellow and typhoid fever, and poor hygiene         all around us, we have never been sick with any of these. Ps 91:9-10

3. The Lord has brought up two pastors to carry on the work. Ps 1:3
4. We have seen many accept Christ as their Saviour. Jn 3:16

5. God has provided our needs over the years. Matt 6:31-32

 6. The blessing of having water. You have no idea the stress on the family having no water. 

7. Dogs. Our dogs are watch dogs, they do not come in the house. They have protected our family from            deadly snakes, rats, monitor lizards and anything creeping in the yard. Deut 33:12

8. Our desires. The Lord has given us many of our hearts desires. Although undeserving, he blesses. 
    Ps 37:4

9. The Bible is a privilege to have. It is our guide book, map, compass, love letter, we can go to it for
    encouragement, comfort it is the answer. Ps 119:105

10. The blessing of prayer. For our family, friends and churches that has kept us on the field with your                 prayers. I Jn 3:22



  1. Praise the Lord!!!!!!
    We are blessed to call you our missionaries!

    -Lauren D.


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