Monday, August 12, 2013

Trying Again

I had a blog post all ready last week. My computer was (and is not) working right. So my blog was a mess. We started school today! On Friday the kids had a few friends over before school started. Our church has a youth activity this week, with another church in the area. There is going to be sword drills, bible memory, preaching, and different games. They also have to study the book of Titus. My two older kids are looking forward to this.

I have enjoyed teaching children's church. I will be teaching until the end of the month. A testimony I have is about Elizabeth. Elizabeth has been coming to church since she was able to walk. I was teaching two weeks ago and she came up to me afterwards. She said, she wanted to follow Christ and do what is right. Elizabeth is saved. I said, you have been coming to church for a long time, you need to start coming Sunday nights. She said, I do studies for school in the evenings. I told her she has 5 to 6 hours in between church. Can't you get your studies done and then come to church? When we got ready to leave, I asked Elizabeth if I would see her tonight? She said, no, next week. Next Sunday after church she said, I will come tonight. Not only did she come but her sister and a friend came with her. I was excited! She also came again this Sunday night.

Elizabeth will be 11 yrs next month

A few friends over before school begins

Nehemiah lost tooth #2

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