Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Could Do It But...

My kids have a list of chores to do each day.  It would be much easier if I just did it, but I am not helping them. I could clean the house myself then I wouldn't have to argue with the kids, or check to make sure they did their work, and then correct them when they don't. When my kids first started doing chores they where little. Teaching them how to sweep, sweep the dirt in front of you not towards your feet. To walk on the clean part of the floor not the dirty, etc., etc. It really is more work for you. I should have a clean house with everyone doing their jobs. Well...we try. Living in Africa gives a new meaning to clean. A certain part of the year we have dirt blowing in our windows. If you enter our house you will think this lady doesn't clean or dust her house, actually, we just did it this morning. Then we have rainy season and our dogs make a huge mess on the wet porch. When the rains first come they clean the dirty screens and you have a mud mess in your windows. Keeping things clean is quite the challenge. I can't do it all myself. I have tried. I either clean the house and the kids are schooling by themselves or I do school and the house is left to itself. I need help. So as soon as my kids where able to pick up a broom, empty trash, dishes, cut grass, dust, clean their shower, hang clothes. Well they got the job!! We sweep and mop three times a week (we could do more). Do I have a perfectly clean house, absolutely not. It is never ending job. My job is also to teach my kids how do things faithfully and well, something I need to work on also.

Our church went to a youth activity last week. They had a great time. They had Bible quiz's where they picked a few from each church for each team. Two from our church was on the winning team. The biggest quiz was on the book of Titus. Our church WON Titus! They may beat us at soccer but we will win when it comes to Bible!! Amen!

Naomi and Joseph won Titus for Cornerstone Biblical Baptist!!

We started school last week


  1. Thanks, Jackie. I needed the reminder and the encouragement to keep teaching my kids to clean. Love and prayers!

  2. I've really enjoyed taking time and reading your blog! Such an encouragement!
    I am now following it so I can keep up with your post!! :)

    Sarah Ortiz

  3. Thank you Sarah. I went over to your blog I hope to keep up with it. Thanks for the encouragement!


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