Sunday, April 14, 2013

In Need of Repair

It seems everything needs fixing all at once. If one thing breaks, so does another. The last couple of days we have been repairing the broken things. They are not big items, but items that sure do help when they work. We have needed some ceiling fans in our bedrooms. We have repaired them often and they just where dragging. Mack replaced ours and Naomi's ceiling fans. Ahh! air! The clothes line broke last week, of course there where clothes on the line, and it came down. So Matthew rode his bike to get some new line. While we put that up, Matthew noticed an outside light had fallen off the wall. Yes, another thing to fix. We heard a crash the other night while sleeping, Mack got up to investigate. He found nothing. The dogs weren't barking so we just went back to sleep. The light falling must have been the crash we heard. So Matthew took his bike to get another light fixture for outside. They boys put that up, "let there be light."The next day Matthew replaced all the broken bulbs inside and outside. "We can see." Mack and Joe worked on the lights on the car replacing the brake lights and things. Mack said they would work, until he hit another bump in the road, which is inevitable. Mack has to get the car inspected this week. The driveways need weeded, but with all the little repairs they did not make much headway on that. Naomi and I cleaned up the inside and made dinner while the men where fixing things. Then last night to top it off, our well is at rock bottom. So we are running off our tanks on top of the house. So hopefully our well will fill back up enough to keep the tanks full, until the rains come.

William is a man that works at the mechanics place where my husband goes to get his car fixed. Mack has been have a bible study with William at his house. William got saved and came to church this Sunday. After church we dropped William off at his house. Mack wanted us to meet William's mother and father. So we went to greet them all. Well it ended up, she had lunch for us. We had banku with fish and bean stew of some kind. It was good. Very nice people. Pray that his family will also be saved and come to church. Pray for Linda at our church, she will have a 3rd surgery. Shadrick fell off a ladder and twisted his arm, pray for him as well. It's true even we need repaired.


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