Friday, September 2, 2016

In The Pink

On Thursday, August 19th, our youth hosted a youth activity. A day of Bible sessions, a
Bible quiz on the book of Ruth, sword drills, lunch and a devotion. We where joined by two other churches. CBBC took the win on the Bible quiz. Thankful for the youth in our church. We have watched them grow and take on responsibilities.

Saturday, August 27th, was Isaac's dads funeral. Pray for Isaac, that he remains with the Tackie's (Prince's parents) and is able to stay in church.

Mack praying for the family

The baby is Esther's (in the pink) cousins baby. She died giving birth. Esther's sister is caring and nursing the baby. The baby is so pretty. Ether's dad died almost 2 months ago. The funeral won't be until November. Her older sister died 3 years ago. Esther got saved 8 years ago during VBS when she was 11 years old. Esther spent the night with Naomi after the youth activity 2 weeks ago, she said how much she misses her dad. Thankful for Esther and her faithfulness. Pray for her family as well. 

Linda (Prince's wife, sitting down) doesn't she look good with a baby?

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