Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mr. & Mrs.

I don't know where to begin. I wanted to update my blog a week ago, so I could focus on blogging about the wedding, but that didn't work. Let me bring you up to date. The electric has been much better for the past three weeks. We started school on August 17th, that is also when the Bible classes at the church started. We had VBS at Cornerstone, August 10-14. We started a van route for our Kojokrom Tuesday Bible Study, so they can come on Sunday mornings. We will begin Sunday evening services there in Kojokrom in October. OK, now the good part:

Prince and Linda got married on the 29th of August. The Thursday before the wedding I had a couple of girls come over and help with the frosting for he cake, that I was supposed to make. I decided on a fondant, because of the heat here the icing would just melt and the cake would fall and yeah. The fondant recipe I found was just sugar, water and a little corn syrup. The problem was once the syrup hardened you had to knead all the sugary lumps out of it. That was a job. You should of seen me and Naomi the morning of the wedding rolling out this hard fondant, lets just say, the Lord helped us out!! (amateur, not a wedding cake decorator.) I was so nervous, I was having dreams of that dreaded cake weeks before. I even dreamt I missed the wedding because I slept through it and no one woke me up for the wedding. Then I was like, "what about the cake? Who made the cake?" I prayed and fretted over that cake. I Thought about going and buying a cake in town. In the end it didn't turn out so bad. I am just glad it was presentable, I just wanted Prince and Linda to have a special day.

Thursday afternoon we had a wedding rehearsal. Friday was the dowry ceremony. Prince had to meet the requirements Linda's family requested in order to marry her. It was interesting to say the least. There are negations, gifts and all the traditions that go with it. Friday evening we had another rehearsal. Naomi-violin, Matthew-piano and I-flute, played the hymns during the wedding and also a song while they lit the unity candle and prayed. My husband gave the message during the wedding and Pastor Dare married them. My favorite part was before Prince was to kiss the bride, his best man, Martin, wiped his hands, his brow and his face, so he was ready. Once the wedding was over, they had a meal and the cutting of the cake. Introducing to you, Mr. & Mrs. Prince Tackie:

On Sunday Prince and Linda came to church and sang a song as a new couple. It is tradition here in Ghana that the new couple attends their church that Sunday with their family. They left for their honeymoon on Monday.

Prince's mom on the left, Linda's mom on the right
On Monday, August 31st, was Matthew's 16th birthday. In Ghana if it is your birthday they dump water on you. They got him on Sunday morning while we where cleaning up the tents and chairs. They all got water to wash their hands and get a drink and then they got him. They where pretty sneaky. Matthew said it felt good, because he was hot. Tuesday night at our Bible study they got him again. I can't believe my kids are that old. 




  1. Jackie -- I thought the cake was made by a professional until I read your journal -- so excited for Prince and his wife -- very beautiful wedding, gorgeous bride, and handsome groom --- great tradition to attend church as couple w family on Sunday -- Happy 16th to Matthew ---they grow up too quickly -- love and prayers to you! <3 Doreen

  2. Thank you! @ Doreen. It was a nice wedding. They do things diffently it was nice to see and have a part. As for that cake thank God. Yes my kids are getting older, I can't believe it.


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