Saturday, May 9, 2015

Time's Almost Up

Time is quickly coming to an end. We are home bound for the most part now. We still have meetings every Sunday, close to home. Our last church will be in PA, June 6. We have a lot to get done in just two months. Great news is, we have finished school. Shoo! Please pray for us as we switch gears to head back to Ghana.

On May 4th, Naomi turned 17. I can't believe it. Matthew has begun his in car driving. Nehemiah is doing great with his glasses/patch. He is now seeing 20/30 out of his left eye. He will have to wear the patch for the next 3 years. We have a great Eye Doctor. Joseph saw her when he was 10 months old and she has been working with Joseph over the years, now Nehemiah. The Lord really directed us to her.

At the eye doctors

We got to spend the weekend with Pastor Rowell and his wonderful family. Mrs. Rowell asked me to speak at their mother/daughter banquet on Friday. I spent the day Saturday shopping and fellowshipping with Mrs. Rowell and the two Naomi's. Sunday we had great services, really enjoyed Pastor Rowell's message, "Your Want To's," we the love the church family. Finally got to meet the two handsome grand babies, I have heard so much about! It was such and encouragement to be with this family. Love you!!!

Eden helping Matthew play the piano

I think we skipped Spring, it is rather warm out there, but loving it!!!!!!!

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