Monday, July 15, 2013

Arrows, Beads And A Trip To The Doctors

When we took Mack's parents back to Accra, we stopped at the culture center so they could get souvenir's. My kids made their own bows and arrows before, so Mack thought he would get them some of the ones they make here. Nehemiah was outside observing while they were shooting at the target. He was playing with one of the arrows, throwing into the ground. Well he missed the ground and it landed in his pinkie toe. I cleaned it out and he went to bed. The next morning he had a red streak running up to his ankle. The wound itself was not bad. Mack took him to the doctors to get a tetanus shot and find some Epsom salt to soak his foot. He is all better and doing just fine. He also lost a tooth. He pulled it out Sunday night after church.  

The kids got some bow and arrows from the culture center

Grandpa & Grandma brought Joseph a Science kit
They brought Naomi a lot of beads
Nehemiah lost a tooth!!


  1. Hey there, so glad to meet another missionary wife. I'm following your blog so I'll be back!

  2. Hope the foot is healing. :-)

  3. Hi, I came over from Missionary Monday. I'm glad to meet another missionary wife!

  4. Looks like a fun day! Thanks for linking up with the BMW blog! ~Jen


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