Monday, June 3, 2013

No Marshmallows?

How can you have S'mores without marshmallows? You can't! Mack wanted some S'mores the other day. So he headed to town on the hunt for marshmallows. We don't see them to often here in town. I said, "I can make some if you find unflavored gelatin." So he went on the hunt for that. He found some after looking several different places. He would ask "do you have any gelatin" They would point him to the jello. "No, that is not what I am looking for." My first attempt to make marshmallows didn't go so well. It is a rather easy process. However, I didn't have a candy thermometer so I boiled the sugar mixture for 12 min. like it said. Well that was to long. My second attempt turned out wonderful, we had marshmallows.The second time I boiled the mixture for about 7 min. We had plenty of marshmallows and some yummy S'mores. Here is the recipe:
Springy Marshmallows

My next attempt this week was popcorn. Popcorn? Let me explain. We usually pop popcorn in our air popper. We also have a Whirly Whip popcorn kettle, but the oil was making us sick. So we used only the air popper. We where going to have some popcorn and kool-aid and watch a movie, but the lights where out. I said how can we have popcorn without oil? So the search began. My kids said, "What did the Indians used to do?" So here it is: No Oil Popcorn 


  1. Love the Marshmallow idea!!!

    I have always used a frying pan to pop popcorn so the air popper would be taboo to me. :) I always use butter (real or margarine) to pop our popcorn. That way you never have to butter it. Plus you never have to take it off the campfire or oven (as that guys blog said to do). All you have to do is shake the pan to make sure it all pops. Although if you can't get butter, than this wouldn't help. :)

  2. Thanks Kristy. We eat a lot of popcorn. There is not alot of snacks available here. Butter is rather expensive, so we use it accordingly. The way you make it does sound good. We do drizzle butter on our air popcorn. :)

  3. Just found your blog from the BMW link up. Looking forward to coming back and reading more!


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