Monday, May 20, 2013

Let The Rains Begin

We had a busy Saturday. Mack went to William's house for Bible study. He brought William back to the house along with Kendall, Benjamin and Joseph (not my Joseph) as my kids would say big Joseph, to put up a new bamboo structure. Then we had ladies fellowship and visitation.

School has finished for the final year students here in Ghana. They all had a big smile on this week and a look of relief. They don't have a graduation ceremony or anythig, they are just finished that is it. The Bible classes at the church has finished as well.

The rains have started. Sunday we got a good rain in the morning. The weather has been a bit cooler. We have been conserving water. My laundry is suffering. Only two loads a day (that equals 1 American load). So the rainy season is very welcome at our house.

Kendall and Matthew splitting the bamboo, Nehemiah holding it still

For entertainment the kids around here tie a string to a bug and then let it fly around.
Letting the bug fly!
Mathew is standing in the hole and is the same size as Nehemiah
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