Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cupcakes Without the Paper

I made cupcakes for Macks birthday back in January and took them to the church to share. Well I noticed everyone eating the paper, ok, chewing on the paper to get off all the cake that gets left on them. I made cupcakes yesterday for the ladies fellowship. Prince met us at the car because he knew we would have food. (laughing) Naomi hands him a cupcake with no paper on it, he says, "yes, these are better, no paper." He then began to tell me a story. Cupcakes where brought to the place where he works and one the men he works with asks him, are these good? Prince says, "If you don't want it, I will take care of it." I guess the other man never ate a cupcake. Once he took a bite he realizes how good they are. He continues to eat and then begins to eat the paper (chew it) trying to get off every bit of cake left on the paper. I started laughing. I never realized. I began to explain what the paper is for, he says yes, but it wastes so much. Then I came to the conclusion if they are going to eat the paper, it doesn't matter if we touch their cupcake while handing it to them. It is a good thing because I ran out of those muffin cups anyway!

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